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Much more than just a classroom in the city…
City Cite is a unique and authentic city immersion experience

City Cite is unique in its location. Level 12, 474 Flinders Street Melbourne is in the heart of the city and has convenient access to all public transport and city institutions.

City Cite is unique in its architecture and facilities. The architecture is designed around the concept of students working in small groups in an office. Each group works in a separate office space and each class group has access to a large shared space for presentations and activities. The facilities at City Cite allow students to experience the feel of working in an inner city building.

City Cite is unique in its staffing. Staff at City Cite specialise in working in an integrated learning program and have knowledge and expertise across a broad range of curriculum areas. Each class group works closely with a City Cite staff member and City Cite staff also design, plan and book the program in consultation with the school staff.

City Cite is unique in its flexibility. The programs running at City Cite are varied in both duration and content. City Cite can tailor programs to meet school requirements and offers a range of learning modules that can be put together to suit individual schools and students. City Cite also offers Leadership Training for senior students, Tertiary transition and awareness programs, city experiences for parent or staff groups and can also be used for staff meetings and conferences.